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Our Client  is launching a division specifically focused on video content security.  This is one of four divisions focused on the commercialization of the the ability to index and virtualize the data within video files opens up a myriad of new security possibilities that our client believes to have the potential to transform monetization models for content owners and dramatically reduce global piracy.


Our Client  believes that it can reduce the distribution requirements of complete video files, instead broadcasting un-interceptable virtual files.  The indexing and virtualization opens up the possibility to apply security techniques used in other high value transmissions of data such as banking.  These can include third party verification codes, adding trackable DNA within the video file, global tracking, auditing and management of specific video files.




Our client seeks a senior executive to lead the Search Division.

  • The candidate will have significant experience of working with Video Search tools.
  • A clear understanding of the search and return methodologies.
  • A clear understanding of search algorithms.
  • Well connected and able to approach key targets.
  • Involvement in the commercialization of innovative search functionality.
  • This may include previous work experience for:
    • A large search engine
    • A large content owner with a publicly available search tool
    • A creator and vendor of search tools to the above
    • A large social-media company with integrated search functionality
  • A thorough understanding of revenue models surrounding generic and site specific search tools involving video.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the market segmentation and ability to write/deliver a GTM plan.
  • Software focused.
  • Proven history of building cross functional teams, including PMM, deployment, client management and sales.
  • Entrepreneurial flair with a self starting approach.
  • US focused.


About our client

Our Client  is a developer of disruptive video technology. Headquartered in Australia, with operations in the US and Europe, it seeks to apply its lead product — the Video Virtualization Engine — throughout the global digital video value chain to cut costs and boost revenues for enterprise customers.


The patented technology manages video files in a unique way that transforms many aspects of video content management and broadcasting.  It does this by indexing and managing the data within the video file and broadcasting virtual files.


Although potentially applicable throughout the digital video value chain, our client is currently pursuing four multibillion-dollar industry segments.


The technology is patented and ready for market.


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