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Senior Enterprise Account Executive – Customer Analytics Platform, Ecommerce

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Our client helps marketing teams take control of their data. Their software analyzes data from the entire marketing ecosystem, surfaces insights about each and every customer, then integrates those insights back into the same marketing tools so it’s easy for companies to take action. They work with some of the biggest brands in the world (Ann Taylor, Guess, PacSun, and more), and are looking to build out their sales team to accelerate the company’s growth.

Our client is looking for Enterprise Sales Directors who can help them initiate and close deals with retailers around the world. While you will have support from Marketing and Customer Development Specialists, a great Enterprise Sales Director should be able to build and manage a sales pipeline while growing successful customer relationships from initial contact to point of sale.


On a typical day, you might spend your time:

  • Talking to prospects and demoing our client’s product: You’ll spend time on the phone and in-person with prospective customers – learning more about their needs, and delivering compelling sales presentations. You will engage, strategize and problem solve with senior level executives on the customer side while internalizing the challenges their customers face and help them overcome those hurdles.
  • Following trends and learning about the competitive landscape: You’ll need to maintain a keen awareness of the competitive space, and stay on top of emerging trends that will make you an effective teacher and trustworthy industry expert. You’ll spend time growing your skills both in and outside sales.
  • Analyzing and optimizing the sales funnel: You’ll spend a good deal of time analyzing what is working and what isn’t. You’ll identify bottlenecks, think of creative ideas on how to improve processes, and then track how the funnel improves as your ideas come to life.
  • Initiating new conversations: You’ll look for ways to add value with your communication. You’ll follow up persistently yet respectfully, all while neatly planning, organizing, and tracking your activities.


In addition to 5+ years experience in either consulting or consultative sales, you are expected to have a deep understanding of SaaS sales and sales cycles, and experience navigating complex organizations and building relationships with diverse stakeholders. Great potential candidates also have the following traits:

  • Resourceful and clever: You have a knack for “hacking a system” and getting what you want. You might have sweet-talked your way to business class on a recent flight. Scored a sweet deal with Verizon after suggesting you might leave for Comcast. You find a way to create opportunities where no one thought to look. And you don’t let a deal slip away. You proudly consider yourself a closer.
  • Persistence: You’ve probably been called “obsessed” once or twice as you’ve pursued a personal interest. Could be that you couldn’t put down Flappy Bird until you reached 100 points. Maybe you were obsessed over learning how to make the perfect batch of homemade vanilla ice cream. Maybe you ran a marathon, became fluent in a foreign language, or read every Shakespeare work in the catalog. When you latch onto something you care about, you don’t let off the gas until it’s done.
  • Organization: You hate the thought of anything slipping through the cracks. Maybe you had a slipping-through-the-cracks experience in second grade when you forgot it was your day for Show & Tell, and the memory still haunts you. Spreadsheets and words such as “thorough” are your comfort food. Your desk is probably organized, and it probably confuses the heck out of you that some of your friends find ways to be productive in a state of disorganized chaos.
  • Empathy: You think about what people think and you feel what others feel. You listen first. You get out of your seat to open doors when you see someone trying to enter with a stroller. You often can finish people’s sentences, but you also realize it’s rarely appropriate to do so.
  • Communication: You have great respect for words. You probably think this job post is too long, and you might have a few suggestions on how to trim it down. You have a way to respectfully steer a conversation. You rarely tell folks they’re wrong, but rather find a way to help them come to conclusions on their own.


The perks:

  • A flexible work environment
  • Competitive salary and meaningful equity
  • Health, dental and vision insurance (100% covered)
  • Free lunch every day
  • Unlimited vacation: take as much time as you need (they recommend at least 3 weeks)
  • Monthly unlimited MetroCard


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