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Sr Account Executive – Customizable AI for Algorithmic Media Trading

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Our client is a French start-up specialised in artificial intelligence applied to algorithmic media trading. They are now hiring a Sales Manager in the UK to extend their huge growth Following in the footsteps of quantitative finance, online advertising is transitioning from a marketing based domain to an increasingly mathematical one, with media being bought in real time through exchanges by “trading desks”. As in finance, the trading desks who are embracing AI are experiencing a far better rentability and

survive/thrive while others struggle. Our client equips these trading desks with artificial intelligence software supercharging campaign performance, automation and profitability.

Based on proprietary mathematical breakthroughs and engineering innovations in the space of real time bidding, our client works hand in hand with leading programmatic platforms (DSPs) to bring Customized Algorithmic Bidding Logic into the world of media optimization.

Four years after its launch, the company is equipping hundreds of traders throughout the world and its portfolio keeps on growing! Our client has offices in Paris, London, Singapore and New York. 


Job Description:

As a senior AE your role will be to deliver revenue growth as an individual contributor in the east coast market by expertly evangelizing our client’s unique capabilities and customer success stories. Your focus will be on agency Hold co’s, Indies, as well as managed service vendors who have in housed their programmatic buying.


Minimum Qualifications:

Strong and proven sales track record (In a start-up environment) selling technology and services to programmatic and/or product teams. Autonomous, rigorous, commitment plus an ambition to participate in a start-up success story focused on both financial and strategic headcount growth.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 3+ years sales experience within recognized programmatic media sales and/or ad technology businesses.
  • Demonstrable track record of delivering against targets and team management.


Cultural fit

  • Base your decisions on data points. Preconceived personal convictions rarely survive thorough confrontation with actual data.
  • Work in team and be curious. This means being interested in how one’s daily personal work fits in our client’s general strategy and having in mind the greater good of the company rather than individual accomplishments.
  • Have a good laugh. You will be with a young, hard-working team with huge ambitions: nothing wipes off long hours of work better than a good beer!


To Apply:

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