Hiring Managers

At Glenborn Corporation we define ourselves with our knowledge of your business requirements, our unique network and our personal commitment to produce the right results for you. Here are the key differentiators of our approach.

We offer retained-like recruiting services with the flexibility of contingency contracts. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch by calling us at 646-770-0271, emailing us at info@glenborn.com or submitting the form at the end of the page. 

In working with Glenborn for your recruiting needs you can expect:

  • Industry expertise & Customer knowledge.

    Unlike other search firms, at Glenborn, we have walked in your shoes through our direct work experience. We only work with companies in Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, Publishing and Enterprise workflow platforms. We know the ecosystems you live in, your competition and how to sell your solution accurately to the candidates. 

  • Deep Job Market Knowledge. We can help you navigate everything from salary expectations to helping foreign firms understand the cultural nuances of hiring in the US.
  • A curiosity about your industry and business, your platform, the customer needs that you fill, and the ROI your customers get from the solution
  • To benefit from cutting edge tools for candidate discovery like jobelevation and Hiresignals.

We will provide you with candidates that:

  • Are Pre-screened and prepared. We carefully screen candidates that meet your company’s specific job requirements through phone and face-to-face meetings. Your time is crucial and we respect that.
  • Fit your industry and vertical orientation
  • Match your cultural requirements. 
    1. The foundation of our business is building long term partnerships with our clients. We communicate with our clients at every stage of the recruitment process and follow up after placement to ensure success beyond the hiring date.

Get in touch below to see how we can help you hire great sales & client services talent.